2018 Dutch-, European- and World Championships Rentalkarts. 12th place World Championships, masterclass. 4 race wins. Winner Dutch Championships race No 2 in Middelburg, 2nd place Dutch Championships at Oldenzaal track. 

2017 Dutch-, Belgium-, European and World Championships rentalkarts. 12th place World Championships in master class. 2nd place Belgium championship, masterclass.

2016 Porsche 944 cup, with RFF racing, 9th place.

2015 6th place Kart Grand Prix, Zandvoort

2012-2014 Dutch BMW 3 series cup, with Giallo Motorsports.  3 years top 10 in Championship. 1 pole, 6th place best result. Winner Kart Grand Prix Silverstone, with teammate Marjolein Wilbrink.

2007-2011 Dutch Porsche cup. 3rd place in 2008 championships. Many race wins. 2nd place Harc historic, 2008. Winner 2007 Winter Endurance with teammate Oscar Schon.
2011 Sebring 12 hours in LMP2, with Woodard Racing, Oreca.

Official test driver for Porsche boxter cup.

2009 Testdriver at Moritz Racing, with Marcos Mantis

2006 Dutch Championships 100 cc 2-stroke, ICA, with Sonik.

2005 Dutch Championships 100 cc 2-stroke ICA, with Arisco.

2003-2004 Official driver for Kombikart in Dutch Championships ICA, 100 cc 2-stroke. ISBL Champion, ICA. Winer race of champions.

2003 Official driver for Arisco S.A. (Spain)
20th place Dutch Championships
ISBL Champion ICA

2002 3rd place Dutch indoor Championships, light class. F3 test JB Motorsport.
Official driver for Kombikart in the ICA class.
3rd place Margraten International kart races.
16th place Dutch Championships ICA
3rd place ISBL Club Championship.
2nd place at the FAB events indoor endurance championship together with team mate Dennis Kroes
Winner Printing Company Cup 2002 (with Frank v. Riemsdijk)
4th place in the Dutch Indoor Championships 2002)
4th place in the ‘big final’ (race of indoor champions

2001: The goal for 2001 was to reach the finals of the European Championships ICA, but I didn’t manage.I was quite succesful in the Indoor Challenges; 4 wins, and 3 times runner up.
2nd place .printing company cup 2001.

11th place at the Wouter van Eeuwijk trophee together with team mate Mike Hezemans

2001 European Championships ICA, with Swiss Hutless-Rotax for Blanken Tuning
Winner Silverstone kart grand prix with teammate Dennis Kroes.

I broke 2 lap records at indoor tracks, and in December I won the first indoor endurance race at the new track in Silverstone together with Dennis Kroes.

2000: European Kart Masters ICA with Arisco.

With the team

2000: I finished 5th in the Endurance race for the Wouter van Eeuwijk trophee in November, together with team mate Jan Lammers

I’ve been recovering the biggest part of the race season.
I competed in the Champs of Karting in September, the first race for me, but without success.

This season we totally concentrated on the European Championships in Napoli, Italy.

1999  Official Arisco chassis, but no engines from them.
We used Rotax rent engines, and they were ok.
I was pretty fast until I had a major crash, which took me around a year to recover. I finished 136th.

1998 In Holland I won a race in Stadskanaal, finished 2nd in races in Neede and Margraten.

Another good season, again with the Arisco team.
Our first year competing in the European Chamionships in Valence, France. 177th place.

1997: I finished 2nd at the Grand Prix van Assen, and I won a 2 hour endurance race at the Silverstone track.

Again a great year.. and again for the Arisco team. I won all 3 races at the Voerendaal Grand Prix, and I got pole position.

1996: a dream year.. I signed a contract for the Spanish Arisco factory.
6 times race winner, and I won the KCNN Championship !!
20th place in the Turkish Championships, 

1995-1999  Official driver for Arisco in Dutch and European Championships ICA, with Faluga prepared Arisco engines. Winner Voerendaal, Rijssen and Margraten street races. 2 times Club Champion and Dutch winter Champion. 2nd place Eext Grand Prix.

1995  Top material for the 1995 season ! Chassis: Haase, Engines: Rotax,
Tires: Maxxis, and we bought the PI datalogging system.
Many good results. !!
2 race wins, and a 2nd place
2nd place overal in the championship
At the end of the season we made the big step to the International competitions, 17th place in the Belgium Championships

1994: 3rd place in Rijssen kartrace, with Haase-Rotax.

1994  This year I switched from Parilla engines to Rotax.
I also tried Dino engines, but without success
I competed in the World Karting Cup where I finished 9th
over all. 1 race win at the Berghem track.

1993  Dutch Championships ICA karting, with Dino-Rotax. Also competer in Weert streetrace.

1993 A new team.. Chassis: Dino, Engine: Parilla, Tires: Bridgestone
A very succesful year.. 3rd place at the Rijssen Grand Prix.
Several pole positions and many good races, but a lot of mechanical troubles.

1989-1992 Official driver for Rod Kart (Rhodos, Greece) with Manx and Dino engines. Competing in Dutch- and club Championships ICA. Also competed in ‘night of Assen’, streetrace (6th place)

1992 we started to compete in the Dutch competition, without success. The chassis based on the Dino were not stiff enough.

1990 Signed a contract with Rod kart, a Greece manufacturer.
I’ve been testing for them for 2 years.

1989 My first whole year in competition… without real results though. Chassis: Tecno, Engine: Manx, Tires Dunlop

1988 Start of my racing career in the 100 cc class chassis: DAP, Engine: Manx and Tires Dunlop

The stars and stripes


Milko in action