Yes, I won the first race for the 2021 Dutch Rental kart Championships in the Masterclass, out of 60 drivers.After finishing 2nd, 6th, 3rd and 3rd in the series, and pole-position in race 2, I was allowed to start 4th in the A final (best 17 driver’s) but due to a bad kart with low topspeed, I finished 6th overall.I already had enough points in the heats, to be the winner of the event, so my 6th place was just a bonus.This is my best rental kart result in 5 years, and I’m leading the championship now 😁  Read More →

The, due to Corona, shortened 2020 Dutch rental kart Championships, have been a great success for me!In 5 events, I had 4 podium finishes, which resulted in a 3rd place in the Masters ranking, and 18th overall, out of 54 drivers. This means that I’ll compete in the 2021 Kart World Championships in July, in Portugal at the Ksrtodromo Viano do Castello, 70 kilometers above Porto.Check for the drivers and live link.Read More →

So…after race 1 in Middelburg the season stopped due to Covid19. But the season restarted in july and I can’t complain about the results. 4 podia out of 5 races, till now 🙂 Oldenzaal 3rd Roosendaal 2nd Eefde 2nd At the moment I’m in 3rd position in the Dutch Championships Masterclass (35+ at 80 kilo, or 14+ at 85 kilo) Still 7 events to go, although the next race in Groningen might be cancelled. Will keep you posted.Read More →

The first race for the Dutch rentalkarts Championship in 2020 resulted in my best indoorkart result of the past 4 years. After 4 good results in the series (7th, 6th, 5th, 6th) I started 13th (and last) in the A-final. The A final are the best drivers of the day in the Championship. (B-final 2nd best group, C=final slowest group) I finished 10th in the final, and 2nd in the Masterclas (35+) Until now, a 12th position in the A-final was my best result (Oldenzaal 2019). Because of the Corona virus, the next race in Poeldijk is cancelled, so April 25th be be the nextRead More →

2020 will be a year full of rental-kart racing. Besides the Kart World Championship in Portugal in July, I’ll also compete in all 12 races for the Dutch Rentalkart Championship, the Zeeuws Indoor Championship and the KBO cup in Oldenzaal. Will keep you posted 🙂Read More →

Since my last race / win in May at the Lelystad track (2 hour endurance with Guillermo van Pamelen) I didn’t practise, not race at all. So any activity was 4 months ago. I decided to compete at the Dutch Championships race at the Eefde track, where I reached the A final last year. I arrived at the track at 8.45 and everybody was there already, I managed to buy 1 practise heat in the last possible heat of the morning, at 9.30. Guess what.. I was almost the slowest in the heat… that was not funny, and confrontating. My group was group 5 andRead More →

After almost a year, Guillermo van Pamelen and I (Forbus Racing 1) joined the Lelystad 2 hour race again.Last year we won by almost 3 laps ahead of the numbers 2, which was quite embarrassing.This year we expected more competition because de Bakkertjes and Forbus Racing 2 were also in competition.Guillermo managed to grab pole-position, 0,2 seconds ahead of Robin (Forbus Racing 2).For over a hour it was very close between the 2 Forbus teams that kept trading places ahead of the field.In the last pitstop series (minimum was 5 stops) Guillermo and I managed to take a steady lead in Forbus 2, after weRead More →

I almost forgot to mention my 4th win of the season; it seems that I’m getting used to it 😉 At October 28th, Nanno and I competed in a 2 hour endurance race at the Lelystad track. I already won a race at Lelystad this year (with teammate Guillermo van Pamelen) so I was used to the track. After 15 minutes of qualifying, Nanno and I grabed pole position with 0,1 seconds. It meant we had to start from the back, in 20th position. After 3 laps we were back in 3rd position, and it took us around 20 minutes to get to P1. SlowlyRead More →

The weekend of November 17/18th, my  team Forbus Racing was competing in an International Kart event: the Oldenzaal 12 hour race. This time the team excisted of 6 drivers: Albert Klok, Nanno van der Poel, Johnny Kraak, Alain Kors, Robin Lagrouw and me. At the saturday qualification, 4 drivers were as quick: 41,1 seconds, which was extremely competitive. We qualified 3rd on the grid out of 19 teams from The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It was our first big endurance event in this setting and a few drivers decided to drive 30 minute session, which was the wrong choice, because all teams drove 1 hourRead More →

During my 2nd World Championship at the Silver track in Szczecin in Poland, I was very competitive in the first few days, but due to 2 mistakes in pitstops, I lost a top position in the masters ranking, and finished in 12th position. Same position as last year in Madrid. The event was amazing, drivers were all very competitive, and I enjoyed it a lot. Next year I won’t compete in the KWC, because if the high teavel costs to the USA.Read More →