Zandvoort, Porsche 944 Cup coureur Milko Mebus

“I rely on the generosity of corporate sponsors to help me reach the goals set for this year”, Milko Mebus.

First of all: Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor or partner

Benefits for the Sponsor

For you, sponsorship is basically a marketing investment. Sponsoring me gives you positive exposure. This  can lead to increased sales, heightened brand awareness and customer loyalty, but keep in mind that sponsoring at the highhest level of rental karting is also a  gesture.

Sponsorship is not just the domain of big business. Small and local shops can also use it as a marketing tool to improve their standing in the community. By printing your logo on my overalls, helmets and displaying it on my site you can show that you support me.

Did you know that sponsorship can be surprisingly cost effective and much cheaper than, for instance, social media campaigns?

It’s up to you how you will sponsor me.

Here are some ideas:

  • Your logo on my race-overall (the classic)
  • Banner and logo  on my website.
  • Active promotion of your brand / company on my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram.
  • Distribute sponsored giveaways in during the races.

Of course we can discuss other options!

If you are interested, please contact me through social media.