After 3 months of preparation

I am almost halfway the preparations for the World Championships.
Are things going the way I expected??

In a way.. ‘yes’..
European Championships in Middelburg were a disaster, but I knew that would happen.
No experience in any rental kart in the past years.
Result: position 102 out of 120.
Five terrible heats, 1 acceptable, but also 2 very good ones.

In the past months I have been doing practise heats in Huizen, Zwanenburg and Genk (Belgium)
At all 3 tracks I was fastest or 2nd fastest, but at least fast, which is encouraging.

After The European Championships in Middelburg I became friends with Belgium driver Steve Kolela.
He’s young, and very quick.
He’s got a whole career ahead and he can learn from my experience, and I learn a lot from him concerning the rental karts, and physical preparations. We motivate each other.
I appreciate his help a lot and I’m getting stronger through this.

In about 5 weeks the Belgium Championships will start.
I feel strong and excited; my racing season starts!
Enough time left to loose some kilo’s, practise some more and get a bit better physical condition.

Will keep you posted!