Guillermo and I won the Lelystad 2 hour endurance race

Last saturday, july 14th,  the last weekend before the Kart World Championships Nations Cup, Guillermo van Pamelen and I added a 2 hour endurance race in Lelystad.
After an easy pole position by Guillermo, I started from pole. After a few laps I lost the first position, but I was able to follow the leader within 0,1 seconds. The leading team made their first pitstop after 20 minutes, which brang us back in a comfortable 10 seconds lead, before Guillermo took over. His laptimes were 0,6 to 1 seconds faster than anybody else and halfway the race we were in a comfortable 1 lap lead. The 2nd hour was even better; I drove a better 30 mintes because I felt more comfortable in the kart. My laptimes were top 3 all the time. Guillermo drove an amazing last 30 minutes with extreme fast laptimes (41,2) and we won the race with almost 2,5 laps ahead of the number 2 team.