Winners in Lelystad 25-05-2019

Robin Lagrouw, Milko Mebus, Guillermo van Pamelen en Alain Kors

After almost a year, Guillermo van Pamelen and I (Forbus Racing 1) joined the Lelystad 2 hour race again.
Last year we won by almost 3 laps ahead of the numbers 2, which was quite embarrassing.
This year we expected more competition because de Bakkertjes and Forbus Racing 2 were also in competition.
Guillermo managed to grab pole-position, 0,2 seconds ahead of Robin (Forbus Racing 2).
For over a hour it was very close between the 2 Forbus teams that kept trading places ahead of the field.
In the last pitstop series (minimum was 5 stops) Guillermo and I managed to take a steady lead in Forbus 2, after we were a bit more efficient at the last 2 pit stops. We had to fight for this win, but it was a great battle!
Thank u Guillermo, Pascal and Gina! 🙂